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View over the green room at Sid Lee, Montreal

MacBook Pro baby!

For anybody who might be reading this, this is probably pretty useless news, but I can’t just not mention this. I got a 17″ MacBook Pro!. Yes, it was like experiencing x-mas at 6 years old again (still is). This is also my first mac and oh man, only regret I have with this is that I didn’t get it earlier, really seeing where “it just works” comes from :) “Switch” = there’s no going back.

Anyway, since this is my first mac, I also feel like a total noob. Heh. Kind of weird since I’ve used various computers for several years. Well, things are just different, and usually I try to do everything the hard (windows) way, when there’s just a really simple solution. Just will take some time to get used to.

Haven’t played around with Adobe’s software under Rosetta yet, but pretty much everything else works faster on this laptop than on my 3000+ Athlon XP64 desktop computer running Windows XP 64, so I think I’ll be fine. Well, at least I hope so, because 90% of the time i work on my computer I use either CS2 or Studio 8 software ;) Oh well, the new universal versions will come out pretty soon anyway.

Yeah, wish me luck getting some work done, deadline’s are approaching, but playing with my new toy is sooo much cooler than writing some actionscript for the client..

Using AS3′s computeSpectrum

Hey there, since I’ve got this blog anyway, I might as well share some of my knowledge. This is a very basic tutorial on how to build a simple spectrum analyzer using SoundMixer.computeSpectrum, which is new to actionscript 3. This is also my first tutorial ever, so feedback is welcome! :)

This is what we will be creating:

Screenshot of AS3 spectrum analyzer
Circle visualizer | View source

Who is this meant for?
Well, if you’re familiar with AS3, this probably isn’t for you. My aim is to introduce AS3 to people familiar with AS1 or AS2. If you’re not at all familiar with actionscript, I’m not sure this is for you, but you might follow along, and see how simple it actually is (for a rather complex example).

What do I need to know?
Basic knowledge of flash is required and some knowledge in oop and actionscript will help, but I’ll go thru every aspect anyway, so you’ll get it to work with copy-paste, if nothing else ;) Still, if you want to learn something new, I suggest you read what I’m saying here, look at the examples, and do it yourself. Some knowledge of trigonometry & math will help you understand what I’m doing with the data (how i output it visually).

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Spectrum Analyzer

Yes, like probably 90% of the other people that are testing out the new Flash 9 Alpha Preview, also I had to make a spectrum analyzer :) Well, it’s really cool to have a stream of real “random” data to play around with, so, if you haven’t done it yet, I suggest you take a look at it.

I’ll be updating new swf’s here if/when I get something cool done, here’s the first one (click the screenshot to view the flash in action). Flash player 9 required.

Update Jul 24: And a third one with several (6) presets! Wait for the preset to change automatically or click to change it yourself.
The song is Suburban Tribe – While The World Awaits

Screenshot of Flash AS3 Spectrum Analyzer
Revolt! visualization

Update Jul 15: Here’s a second one.
The song is A Man Called Adam – Barefoot In The Rain

Screenshot of Flash AS3 Spectrum Analyzer
Tunnel visualization | View source

The song playing is Fatblock feat. Ali – Every Day (Take Me Closer)

Screenshot of Flash AS3 Spectrum Analyzer
Pond visualization | View source

Hyper Island here I come!

Got this email from Hyper Island today:

“Till att börja med hoppas vi att du mÃ¥r bra och samtidigt vill vi
tacka för din medverkan under testdagarna. Vi har nu samlat alla våra
intryck och bedömningar av alla testdeltagare.
I det val vi har gjort vill vi att du blir en Crew 12-student. Härmed
är du antagen till Hyper Island, Digitala Medier, 90 KY-poäng.”

..which to those of you who don’t understand swedish means that I got in. Cool.

Oh man, there’s so much to learn from all the talanted people there, can’t wait. And the internship.. yeah, as I said, can’t wait.

Now I also gotta find an aparatment from Karlskrona and get a MacBook Pro.

Sun setting in beautiful Karlskrona
Sun setting in beautiful Karlskrona