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Open source put to good use

Heh. Noticed today that a new “web 2.0” app is using my Revolt visualizer in their player. Cool :)

909 emulator in flash

I don’t usually link to other people’s stuff as there are more than enough links to them already. Now i just have to make an exception. André Michelle has once again proven his awesome audioprogramming skills in flash. This thing is friggin’ a-ma-zing. And yes, i’ve had my experiments with realtime audioprogramming in flash. It’s not your everyday walk in the park ;)

909 emulator

Check out live@popforge!

As I said, knowing a part of what’s behind that, i truly find this jaw-dropping. Awesome work once again, André.

Let’s hope the next version of flash will have better support for audio (such as playing dynamically created sounds, as flash now can’t do it (yes, this emulator does it anyway – in realtime)) so that the rest of us mortals can create cool stuff like this too. Those interested in this can continue reading about it at FlashBrighton’s blog post.

Jeez, i feel so inspired i’m about to blow up :)