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Hey there!

My name is Antti Kupila, a Finnish born, more-or-less self-taught creative technologist. Anything with 0′s and 1′s gets my limbs all tingly but i also really enjoy strategic thinking, creative concepting and design while keeping the overall user experience at a high priority.

In the recent years i’ve focused more on custom hardware as i believe this provides venues for creative ideas that haven’t been explored yet. I believe the technology itself is not important; it’s what you do with it. I think about 10 years of experience working on the technical side of creative agencies has given me a pretty good idea of what technology to use when solving a problem. See my LinkedIn profile for details.

My background has been mostly in advertising agencies in multiple countries. Recently I’ve changed focus a bit and went 100% on my own as a freelancer. So if you have some interesting projects in mind, please drop me a line!

The portfolio section on this site is quite outdated so please disregard it. Instead stay tuned for updates on

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Antti Kupila

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