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View over the green room at Sid Lee, Montreal

Hyper Island recruitment tour

Feeling like you want to get more out of your career? Maybe you’re a student and want to get a kickstart? Maybe you’ve worked a couple years and want to try something new? Either way, Hyper Island might be the choice for you.

Hyper Island is now having it’s first international recruitment tour so if you’re living in the states or the UK and want to chat with some people who work there or have studied there, now is your chance!

The schedule is the following:

Los Angeles: 5th–6th of January (sorry about the late notice..)
San Francisco: 12th–13th of January
New York: 26th–27th of January
London: 2nd–3rd of February

Me & Christian Olsson (from Hyper) will be in San Francisco on Saturday to chat with people interested in Hyper Island, come and say hi! If you’re interested, contact (check the details on Hyper Island’s blog post first).

Any questions? Shoot.

Web conference: connection.07

Me, Erik Johansson, Joel Larsson, Sara Silfverberg and Line Everlund Matulac from Crew 12 attended the connection.07 conference in Gothenburg, Sweden today. The title was “a conference about the new web”, which was exactly what it was about. All 5 speakers were actually really good, and had a lot of interesting thoughts to share with the audience. The “new” in the title was about the web as a platform, mobile web, usability & accessibility, web standards, user generated content and in general the wisdom of the crowd. The information in itself maybe wasn’t totally new to me as i’ve done this web thing for some time now, but it’s always nice to listen to lectures about the area. Also the mobile platform is pretty new to me, and it would be exciting to experiment with it’s possibilities. The photos here were taken by Jens Wedin.

People at connection.07

In addition to the other four excellent lectures it was really nice listening to Roger Johansson, a person who’s blog i’ve been reading for quite a while. Just to see his stubborness (one might call it passion) with the usability & accessibility + the standards issue (all of these of course are more or less related) was something. I can say that I totally agree with him here; i mean, what would happen if the people who are building a bridge didn’t either know how, or simply didn’t care, to add adequate support structures. Exactly. Or, to be more on the subject, maybe a library should only allow people in who are not wearing glasses, or more specifically just not allow them to wear their glasses, the aid they have to help with their disability. Yep.
Alright, the examples may be a bit but as Roger put it “why do it wrong when you can do it right”.

Roger Johansson's lecture

Unfortunately the major part of the web is still in the bad old days, with bad design (talking about application/code and structure, not so much graphical), and pretty much total ignorance for the disabled, not to even mention the cross-browser problem. Roger’s on a mission to improve that, which i think is really great. I’m sure you’ve read an article or two at his blog but if you haven’t i encourage you to do so:

A flickr group for connection.07 has been set up and a couple images have appeared there already. Go check out the photos.

All in all the inspiration is just flowing and i can’t wait to get back to work, to get my hands dirty. Thanks to everybody who was there. released!

Yeah, after a couple hours of hard work, the site is out.

Crew 12 splash

Behind the scenes of

Our awesome backstage team here at Crew 12 have filmed, edited and now released a short film that describes the journey to this year’s crewsite. It mostly focuses on the filming part, which obviously isn’t all (trust me, there’s a hell of a lot of actionscript behind it too!), but if nothing else I hope you understand the scale of this project by checking out the movie.


A couple more days. Mark monday the 19th in your calendar.

Two hours with Fredrik Härén

We at Hyper Island had yet another super interesting lecture, this time with Fredrik Härén, who spoke about creativity and ideas.

Fredrik is a natural speaker (well, he does it for a living, so that’s probably what you’d expect), and content was really great. In just two hours we was able to inspire probably everybody in the class to think in another way, to think outside of the box pretty literally. In addition to this he interacted a lot with the audience and spiced it up with loads of humor, which of course stepped it all up yet another notch. There’s no way i can convey what he said in written text or even in person, especially not in a short blogpost, but .. i guess it’s worth writing about anyway :)


So, what’s an idea? Fredrik showed us this formula.

  • P = Person
  • K = knowledge
  • I = input

So basically an idea is a person combining his or her knowledge with outside input. Interesting concept, but when you think of it, it becomes more reasonable – give me one idea that hasn’t isn’t a combination of something existing. So, with having more knowledge and more input, you get more ideas. As simple as that. Yeah, i know it doesn’t sound like that here, but sure felt like that after the lecture ;)

Anyway, i can’t do much more here than express my gratitude to Hyper for arranging the lecture, and Fredrik of course, for coming. If you have a chance to attend a lecture with him, do it. He’s a funny guy with good stuff to say, definitely worth a couple bucks (in return you’ll get ideas that will make you a millionare) ;)

Fredrik Härén is a writer and has written a whole bunch of books of which one, the ideabook, seemed really interesting. I’ll most definitely be getting that one.

The final teaser is out

The 6th and final Crew 12 teaser called “the preparation” has been released.
Check it out at

The Preparation -

So, now there’s just two weeks to the final release. Exciting, isn’t it? ;)

Teaser 5 released

Almost forgot. Been a bit busy with the final site + some other projects .. Anyway, teaser number 5, “The Hurry”, is out

The Hurry -

It’s actually me in the movie (yes, i’m the man, hehe)

28 days later the apocalypse .. no wait, that was the movie.
In 28 days the site will be out. Can’t wait!

Crew 12 teaser 4 out

The fourth Crew 12 teaser called “The need” is out.

The Need -

This is one of my favorites, love the way it’s filmed (you should have seen our equipment!)
Check it at

Teaser 3: the relief, out

Just thought I’d mention that last night when you were enjoying Christmas with your family and friends, Crew 12 released a new teaser, at 00:12 CET.

The Relief -

Go check it out!

Oh almost forgot, Merry Christmas! :)

Lecture in Flash for Crew 12

At Hyper we are now having a portfolio module, where we’re supposed to make our own portfolios. I guess this is more meant for those who normally wouldn’t put anything online, so .. they’re forced and they do it :) This is also planned in as a christmas holiday, when we don’t have any school projects going on, and can spend some time with our families and friends, which is of course nice.

Anyway, the module. The whole day yesterday we enjoyed the company of Björn and Chris from Perfect Fools, talking about case studies, inspiration and other tips. I won’t go into detail (you’ll have to apply to Hyper yourself to experience it!), but all in all it was a really nice lecture. Perfect Fools as a company has done some really impressive flash stuff (check out their portfolio!), so most of us in Crew 12 got really inspired. Cool!

Ok, so what to do with all this inspiration. I was asked to have a lecture and/or workshop in flash for the crew. It was really hard for me to plan it, since we obviously have pretty much all levels of flash knowledge and interest in the class. Anyway, I decided to take it full scale actionsript 2.0, focusing more on “how to think & plan” than “how to do” (= copy-paste for many, without understanding what they’re doing, hehe). Since we’re having the portfolio module, creating a portfolio base seemed pretty reasonable. So, that’s what we did.

A couple requirements: The portfolio has to be fully dynamic, using XML as it’s source of data, for all data. Images will load in with a cool preloader and the user can easily change images with numbered links. So very simple in it’s essence, but explaining the object oriented actionscript behind it, that was the real task. Below is a screenshot of the result (click it for the actual flash in a popup)

Screenshot of xml based flash portfolio

The code itself is pretty basic, straightforward actionscript 2.0, not anything special to somebody who’s familiar with as2. I shared the code with the class, so I might as well share it with you. I’ve attached the source to the project to this post (do I hear cheers?). The comments are in swedish, sorry for that :)
Use the code as you like, but if you do, a link back would be nice ;)

Note: All the photos used in this project are downloaded from, and are copyrighted to their respective owners. You may not use them for any purpose without contacting the owner.

Download source files