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Hyper Island recruitment tour

Feeling like you want to get more out of your career? Maybe you’re a student and want to get a kickstart? Maybe you’ve worked a couple years and want to try something new? Either way, Hyper Island might be the choice for you.

Hyper Island is now having it’s first international recruitment tour so if you’re living in the states or the UK and want to chat with some people who work there or have studied there, now is your chance!

The schedule is the following:

Los Angeles: 5th–6th of January (sorry about the late notice..)
San Francisco: 12th–13th of January
New York: 26th–27th of January
London: 2nd–3rd of February

Me & Christian Olsson (from Hyper) will be in San Francisco on Saturday to chat with people interested in Hyper Island, come and say hi! If you’re interested, contact (check the details on Hyper Island’s blog post first).

Any questions? Shoot.