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MacBook Pro battery problems

This is seriously uncool.
I mean, my mac has been great, but look at this (click for bigger images):

Battery bulge

Yeah. It’s a bit bulged. I’ve read about this happening to others too, but this is almost worse than other pics i’ve seen, the gap there is over 1cm!

I noticed that my batterytime had gone down a lot a week ago or so. I checked my battery capacity with coconutBattery and noticed that the capacity had gone down to 94%. Ok, i thought, the battery won’t stay new forever. Checked a couple days later again and was down to 84%. Uhh..

A couple days later i noticed that the battery would run out of power really quickly, in 1:30 or so, much faster than before. I checkede the capacity with coconutBattery again and noticed it had gone down to 66%, in two additional days! This can’t be good.. After this i started checking the capacity daily. Today’s result was 57%, with 206 load cycles.

(Click image for full history. It shows -1 mAh now, because i don’t have the battery plugged at all, running on AC. No way am i putting it in anymore)

Ok. Not good. The battery would die out in about 1:15, after being fully charged. The computer also shut down even if there was 80% power in the battery. Something was definitely wrong. So, i decided i have to call apple support, ’cause this can’t lead to anything good. That was yesterday.

This was today:
Bulged macbook pro battery

While i was working today i noticed that my computer would tilt very easily. I flipped the laptop and noticed this. Yep. Didn’t have time to call today but i guess i have real reason to call now. If this isn’t a valid reason to get a new battery, i don’t know what is :)

Bulged macbook pro battery

I’ll update when i can write a blogpost without being restricted by the AC cable.

It’s a shame that problems like these come up. In general i really love apple’s products, but this .. well, this is simply not acceptable. Come on, you can do better than this!


I got the new battery from Apple. I’ve got to say that they handled all that pretty well, no problems no nothing. A friendly UPS guy delivered the new battery to my home door. I could also say that the old battery is now about double the size it was when i took the images in this post. It bulged from the bottom too. Insane.. Well, the good part with all this is that I got a new battery, which is even better than the original one. According to coconutBattery the capacity is 6719mAh! Then again this could also be because it’s not properly calibrated yet, or something..

Update 2, June 14, 2009

Happened again to the replaced battery. Kinda worried about the built in batteries in the new macbook pro’s..

Battery bulge


  1. 2007-02-03, 9:47 by Julian Schrader

    I’ve had the same problem — it’s no problem to get the battery changed.

    Luckily my battery wasn’t as blown up as yours — but the days without battery are horrible. Shame on Sony, since they produce these batteries for Apple. And Apple, hey, I bet there are others as well who can built batteries for you.

  2. 2007-02-03, 19:01 by Antti Author comment

    Yeah Julian, i know. Still really annoys me that i have to call apple to send me a new battery. You’d expect better from a product this price …

  3. 2007-02-04, 22:38 by Richard

    Nice one Antti, I didn’t know that you also had problems with your battery. I got my new battery quite recently (thursday), and I had only used my original battery in my MacBook for 2 months! I also checked my battery’s health with coconutBattery (nifty tool) which said a totalt of 72%. I double-checked with Niclas, who have used his Macbook for 9 month, and he wasn’t even close to my percentage. :-)
    Anyhow, I called Apple and described my problem (the usual yadda-yadda :-) and, as said before, they sent me a new battery last thursday by UPS. Give Apple a call and get a free battery asap!

  4. 2007-02-17, 18:41 by Jon MacKinnon

    I’ve recently noticed my battery health dropping to around 60%

    I’ve had my MacBook Pro since the beginning of August, do you think I should give Apple a call?

  5. 2007-02-18, 13:34 by Antti Author comment

    Uhh, that sounds pretty close to what I had (I bought mine in the end of July), the capacity was also around 60% in the end. I’d definitely give apple a call, if nothing else to try to get a new battery, 60% isn’t ok for such a short time.
    The weird stuff in the end that really made me notice something was wrong was mostly the sporadic shutdowns and in addition to the low mAh, the quickly changing mAh value (down by 20% in one day!). Are you experiencing any of these? Might be a good idea to log data with for example coconutBattery
    If something like this happens to you too, please let me know too. Good luck ;)

  6. 2007-02-19, 3:27 by Richard

    Ha ha, you know what? After about two weeks with my brand new battery, guess what’ve happened? The same problem, again! My battery’s totalt health is down to about 87%! I realized it this afternoon when I pushed the space button to awake my CrapBook. Then, for no reason at all, it just turned off! “What the…?” was my first thought, “not again…” was my second.
    Two freakin’ weeks… I’m getting pretty upset just thinking about it. I’m sorry to admit it, but I have had less problems with PCs, and I’ve used PCs since the age of 6. That’s 14 years of PC usage until I switched to Mac for my present studies at Hyper Island. This is my second MacBook (the first one broke down) and my second battery with my 3 month old MacBook.

    “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”, right? Mhm, right…

  7. 2007-02-20, 13:49 by Walter

    This happened to me yesterday. I phoned with Apple and they would send a new battery. It arrived today and it is now working again. Also the old capacity was 5500Ah (Net 5350) and now it is a stunning 6789Ah!! OK, I was at home, could work with plug power so all in all I’m happy. I was working with PC’s since I was 20, that was in 1981 when they were invented. PC’s are not that crappy, I have good expiriences with DELL and even with Medion. It’s the OS that stinks. I admit that Apple HW is not always that good (I have a crappy iPod too) but that’s the price you pay for enjoying your work in the countless hours that they perform well. With a nice Dell that always works every day has 4 wasted hours filled with unnecesary Windows stuff. So count your blessings.

  8. 2007-02-20, 14:08 by Antti Author comment

    Oh man Richard! That sucks! I think the problem with apple is that they’re growing too fast and the hardware (manufacturers) can’t keep up. Shame really, since the software, especially the OS, is great.

    I’ve also always had a PC before and never really had any problems. Totaly agree with Walter though.

  9. 2007-02-28, 1:23 by kris

    Hi there,
    I have bought my Mac Book Pro C2D in february. I’ve checked the original battery capacity using coconutBattery and it has 5500mAh. Right now my battery is after 5 cycles and its maximum capacity rose only to 5560mAh. I though that max capacity should be over 6000mAh based on apple battery specification.

    Should I get a new one from Apple? Any ideas?

  10. 2007-02-28, 9:46 by Antti Author comment

    Hey kris

    Well, you could try to call but i really don’t think it’ll do you any good. I mean, your battery is still over the design capacity and the fact that batteries wear down is as real as the fact that you have to sleep and eat. My new battery has already gone down to by 300mAh. Then again i don’t know how exact the number is.

    I would still monitor the capacity on a regular basis. I guess I just got lucky with the new battery (or the numbers are inaccurate, which i think is as likely).

    A call to apple could still be nice, if they could tell us what’s going on :) Please let me know if you find out ;)

  11. 2007-04-03, 5:52 by Adam Schokora

    Yes, having this problem now….have removed the battery — leaving it in place essentially disables my touchpad/click.

    I am based in Shanghai, anyone else had this issue and resolved it (for free) in town? If so, please drop me an email at



  12. 2007-04-03, 8:54 by Antti Author comment

    Hey there Adam. Yeah, i’ve read something about that. If i recall correctly, i had problems with the scrolling too (but the mouse worked). Just call Apple, they’ll send you a new battery (will be delivered for free to your front door)

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  16. 2007-04-04, 8:24 by Richard

    For you information concerning my battery issues: I called the Apple support some weeks ago and went through all the different things that could make my battery work again (reset PMU, remove the battery and press the button, etc.). And this is what I and the support guy came up to: the problem isn’t the battery, it’s the computer that’s the source of my problems. This is because I have the same problems now with my second battery as well as I had with my first.
    Summa summarum – it’s not the battery, it’s the computer. So he basically told me to hand in my computer to a local Apple certified technician, and thereafter get a new computer. It’s not an insurance issue so I’ll get a new computer using my guarantee.

    Hopefully I’ll helped someone who could have the same problem.

  17. 2007-04-04, 9:09 by Antti Author comment

    Oh alright Richard, that’s good to know. Thanks for sharing :)

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  20. 2007-11-24, 16:27 by pcg

    I am so upset with the same battery problem! I would like to know, did this problem also affect your trackpad, cause mine has gone crazy?!

  21. 2007-11-24, 20:35 by Antti Author comment

    pcg: I didn’t have that problem but I’ve read from several places about other people experiencing that. Sucks. Just get the battery changed and get rid of the problem, no big deal.

  22. 2008-09-01, 5:45 by De Minister

    My battery is bulging at right upper bottom corner. I noticed that my battery went from full to 40% in a mere hour and than after minutes it blanked out. When I took my battery out and put it in again, I was able to restart my computer. This morning I was working when I hear a loud crack. I could not figure out what the problem was, till I noticed that my computer was not standing flat and stable on the desk anymore. The bottom plate came off almost completely while the other plate seemed spring from the clue. Luckily I already had ordered a new battery because apple will eventually replace the battery but it needs up to 6 weeks to send me a new battery or make a decision to send me a new battery. I have made pictures so I do have proof if they decide not to renew the battery.

  23. 2008-10-01, 14:41 by debu

    well, guys, i bought my MacBook Pro in august end this year.
    within 13 days i logged a complaint against the excessive heating issue…
    and they examined the piece externally and blamed it on a 2mm by 3mm small dent rather a scratch on a corner of the LCD. and they refused to do anything about it. on persistent calling up applecare, they managed to change the thermal heat sink paste but never gave a service report!!!!… now, yesterday, i.e october. my pro doesnt start!!! and you can hear the fans running fast .. the hussssss sound.. and i take it to the service station… and they instead of looking into it properly…. they manage to lose my current data!!!!.. i m left speechlesss!!! can anyone help???

  24. 2009-08-27, 15:45 by oneofu

    I just read your Update 2 post from June 14 2009. I had the exact same problem. The first battery was a bit bulged and they gave me a new one on warranty . And 2 years after the replacement the new battery bulged again right to the size of yours.

    Apple Care (support) told me of course that it is out of warranty and therefore I have to buy a new one!
    This Time I asked them if there exists a serialnumbers list of batteries which are affected to avoid to afresh the annoying experience.
    They haven’t, didn’t now the phenomenon and said it wouldn’t happen to the new (!) batteries which I can buy in the apple store! YEAH RIGHT!

    Have you heard of such list? And what did you do, yours should have been out of warranty, as well?

  25. 2010-01-29, 12:08 by Josephine

    I just cant not believe it! Its Jan 2010 and I have had the same problem as above. I first learned that my battery needed to be replaced when I read a recall article in the national paper and my serial number was affected. Now the new one which they sent out to me has bulged and looks like its about to explode!

    Im right back to the Apple Store! ;(

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