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Adobe Soundbooth beta

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An interesting move from Adobe. Adobe Labs has released a public beta for a new sound editing software, called Soundbooth, competing closely with Apple’s SoundTrack Pro. The usage, however, is different, Adobe Soundbooth is targeted more towards creative professionals, and not so much audio pro’s.

Adobe Soundbooth

As Adobe already has Adobe Audition, also for sound editing, this is still an interesting move. Here’s a quote from an interview with Hart Shafer, senior product manager for Adobe Audio products, done by Macworld by Jim Dalrymple:

Adobe said that Soundbooth was designed from the ground up with the video and Web workflow in mind. While many professionals have to be able to manipulate audio, they don’t necessarily need the vast feature set that many high-end audio applications offer.

For me this seems very nice, as Adobe Audition seems a bit overkill and as I use other Adobe products on a daily basis, the logic should be the same, making it easy for me and frankly, quite many others, to get into the product. Nice :) “Soundbooth will be a very familiar application for Adobe’s customers”, explained Shafer.

Soundbooth is immediately available for download for intel based macs (PowerPC’s are, and will be, excluded) and pc’s