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Firefox 2.0 released

·1 min

Firefox 2.0 is now out, altho not officially as it’s not up on yet. The official release should be any time soon. Still it’s now freely available at firefox releases:

Firefox update screen

Before this i wasn’t using firefox 2, mostly due to the lack of support for some extensions I’m using (for which I found a work-around later, but was too lazy to upgrade & fix..). Still, now this seems pretty nice, almost had forgot about it. Back then, with the beta (which was some time ago!), firefox also crashed from time to time, now it seems pretty stable (using the en-us on OS X).

Some nice new features here, especially microsummaries seem like a good idea to make websites more usable for the end user. Smart idea. Another feature that’s pretty handy for me is that you can configure your default feed reader. Then again of course anybody who’s reading this probably already knows about these ..

Anyway, if not, read on about the rest of the new features here.

Update: It’s now officially out