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Hello world!

·2 mins

Finally got a new site online! Yay!


A few reasons for me to update

  • CMS. I had no CMS on the previous site, so adding new content was a real pain in the neck. Now I’ve built my own, very versatile, CMS, so I can easily add content. Cool 🙂
  • Display. May be the wrong word, but what I mean is that i wasn’t able to display the info I wanted. This included some sort of an ‘about’ section, and more importantly the portfolio/showcase, where i now can have multiple images per item.
  • It was old, and I wanted something new 😄

A couple features

  • 100% flash, with php/mysql backend via amfphp.
  • Fully functional history, so that the user can use the browser’s back button, like on a normal HTML webpage. I can specify where the state is saved, and it can be turned off (entirely, or for certain links/areas). Could maybe add some sort of a control panel so that the user could decide?..
  • Trackbacks to every item, including all pages, and every item in the showcase (dynamically created, of course). This means that if you for example view an item in the showcase, you can send it’s trackback URI to a friend, and he’ll get to the correct item, just by pasting the URI in a browser. Easy, huh?
  • Text size is adjustable. Again, like on a normal HTML page, either with ctrl +, ctrl - or with the mousewheel while holding down ctrl. The view > text-size menu won’t work, since, as far as I know, there’s no way to get that amount into flash. The text-size set by the user is saved in a cookie.
  • RSS reader for this blog. Shows the up to 3 most recent entries’ excerpts.
  • A whole bunch of other features I forgot / won’t mention. Check it out!
  • added Jul 13: Now with deep links, thanks to Fredrik Stutterheim for the tip

Update: This site is now offline.