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Karlskrona, my new home

·2 mins

So, Karlskrona in Sweden is my new home. I actually moved here a last saturday already, but since I don’t have a net connection at home yet, it’s a bit difficult to post anything to the blog. Or so i thought. I appears that if I sit in a special location in our kitchen, I am able to stea..borrow my neighbor’s net connection 😇 It’s slow, and I get disconnected now and then, but with some voodoo, prayers and luck, it works! Yay! If nothing else, there’s also Wayne’s Coffee, where you can surf for free (after buying an overpriced coffee).

Anyway, stuff here is great. I’m living in a 68m2 apartment with my roommate Micke. The apartment is pretty damn great, cheap and at a great location. The wallpapers are just pretty awful, but we’ll manage (worst in the kitchen, where I have to sit if I want to access any corner of the internet..). I’ll see if i can find the energy to grab my camera and shoot a couple pics of the flat.

Could also mention that the first night here was really nice, i slept under Micke’s bed, as well, my own bed was occupied before I got there and Micke’s bed already had 3 people in it :) Needless to say, some alcohol was involved..

Nothing much to say really, school starts tomorrow, which is great. We were out with most of the people in crew12 yesterday, and now that I know some people a bit better, i am even more convinced that we’ll have a great time here. Julia, a photographer & designer from Ukraine put it pretty well, “how it starts is how it ends” - and if it’s true, it’ll end great.