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Lecture in Flash for Crew 12

·3 mins

At Hyper we are now having a portfolio module, where we’re supposed to make our own portfolios. I guess this is more meant for those who normally wouldn’t put anything online, so .. they’re forced and they do it :) This is also planned in as a christmas holiday, when we don’t have any school projects going on, and can spend some time with our families and friends, which is of course nice.

Anyway, the module. The whole day yesterday we enjoyed the company of Björn and Chris from Perfect Fools, talking about case studies, inspiration and other tips. I won’t go into detail (you’ll have to apply to Hyper yourself to experience it!), but all in all it was a really nice lecture. Perfect Fools as a company has done some really impressive flash stuff (check out their portfolio!), so most of us in Crew 12 got really inspired. Cool!

Ok, so what to do with all this inspiration. I was asked to have a lecture and/or workshop in flash for the crew. It was really hard for me to plan it, since we obviously have pretty much all levels of flash knowledge and interest in the class. Anyway, I decided to take it full scale actionsript 2.0, focusing more on “how to think & plan” than “how to do” (= copy-paste for many, without understanding what they’re doing, hehe). Since we’re having the portfolio module, creating a portfolio base seemed pretty reasonable. So, that’s what we did.

A couple requirements: The portfolio has to be fully dynamic, using XML as it’s source of data, for all data. Images will load in with a cool preloader and the user can easily change images with numbered links. So very simple in it’s essence, but explaining the object oriented actionscript behind it, that was the real task. Below is a screenshot of the result (click it for the actual flash in a popup)

Screenshot from Flash portfolio

The code itself is pretty basic, straightforward actionscript 2.0, not anything special to somebody who’s familiar with as2. I shared the code with the class, so I might as well share it with you. I’ve attached the source to the project to this post (do I hear cheers?). The comments are in swedish, sorry for that 😅

Use the code as you like, but if you do, a link back would be nice 😉

Note: All the photos used in this project are downloaded from, and are copyrighted to their respective owners. You may not use them for any purpose without contacting the owner.

Download source files