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MacBook Pro baby!

·2 mins

For anybody who might be reading this, this is probably pretty useless news, but I can’t just not mention this. I got a 17″ MacBook Pro!. Yes, it was like experiencing x-mas at 6 years old again (still is). This is also my first mac and oh man, only regret I have with this is that I didn’t get it earlier, really seeing where “it just works” comes from 😄 “Switch” = there’s no going back.

Anyway, since this is my first mac, I also feel like a total noob. Heh. Kind of weird since I’ve used various computers for several years. Well, things are just different, and usually I try to do everything the hard (windows) way, when there’s just a really simple solution. Just will take some time to get used to.

Haven’t played around with Adobe’s software under Rosetta yet, but pretty much everything else works faster on this laptop than on my 3000+ Athlon XP64 desktop computer running Windows XP 64, so I think I’ll be fine. Well, at least I hope so, because 90% of the time i work on my computer I use either CS2 or Studio 8 software ;) Oh well, the new universal versions will come out pretty soon anyway.

Yeah, wish me luck getting some work done, deadline’s are approaching, but playing with my new toy is sooo much cooler than writing some actionscript for the client.