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Spectrum Analyzer

·1 min

Yes, like probably 90% of the other people that are testing out the new Flash 9 Alpha Preview, also I had to make a spectrum analyzer 😄 Well, it’s really cool to have a stream of real “random” data to play around with, so, if you haven’t done it yet, I suggest you take a look at it.

I’ll be updating new swf’s here if/when I get something cool done, here’s the first one (click the screenshot to view the flash in action). Flash player 9 required.

Update Jul 24: And a third one with several (6) presets! Wait for the preset to change automatically or click to change it yourself.

The song is Suburban Tribe - While The World Awaits

Spectrum analyzer with fire preset

Update Jul 15: Here’s a second one.

Spectrum analyzer with tunnel preset

The song playing is Fatblock feat. Ali - Every Day (Take Me Closer)

Spectrum analyzer with tunnel preset