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UGL Course

·1 min

As a part of the curricilum at Hyper Island, students have a course called UGL, which stands for “Utveckling av Grupp och Ledare” (Development of Groups and Leaders). So, as a result everybody in Crew 12 participated and definetly gave us all something to think of.

So, we sat in a room from the morning to the evening with the same people doing some tests and discussing stuff, which made it very exhausting but the result was definetly very good. I know i learned a lot about myself, and about the other people in my group. Also now that some time has passed since the UGL I think we in Crew 12 definetly work better in groups. We’re now one step closer to world domination!

So, to sum it up, I would definetly recommend UGL to .. well, anybody who works with people.

This post was actually posted later on, because i didn’t have time to post it right after the UGL Still, the thoughts are pretty much the same now as back then, so I don’t think there’s a bit difference.